Assignment 1 - iPod Websites
This is a short video clip that gives an overview of what the iTouch is and what its educational value can be. It gives several suggestions on how to use the iTouch in a social studies classroom. It is short and sweet and very catchy.
This is a great reference for teachers. This site has great information on how to use mobile technology. One of my favorite features is that it lists all the different subject areas and iTouch applications appropriate for each.
This website includes links to general information and educational apps for the ipod. It is a wiki, so others offer their experiences with using the iPod touch in elementary, middle, and high-school classrooms. There are many links (to delicious pages) to help you manage your iTouch in the classroom, as well as a few insightful videos.
This website is full of resources, tips, and lesson-building ideas. It was designed by a school district that is implementing many iTouches. It seems to be updated often, and has some great ideas!
This is an ICT Teacher's thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about using the iTouch. The author takes your through some of the features of the iPod, and includes links to articles about using iPods in the classroom. It seems very practical and relavent, with very short instructions about the iPod features.