Assignment 2 - My Podcasts

CNN Student News
This has been my favorite podcast so far. In my class Contemporary Social Problems, in the past we start each hour with something that I call "Hot Topics." I compile a few news articles, present them to the class, and then we discuss the article. What is the social problem? Does it meet our criteria of a social problem? How are we attempting to solve it? This podcast has been great in place of Hot Topics. It explains the news event at event at a level the students seem to understand. Each podcast is about 10 minutes in length, and a great addition to my day!

Beautiful Places This podcast takes you hiking all over the United States. Personally, I really enjoy watching these episodes. Beautiful and interesting! I haven't had the opportunity yet, but I could use these podcasts in my Physical Geography class as well.

Sesame Street
These short Sesame Street lesson are entertaining, fun, and educational. My kids love them, and they keep them occupied in waiting rooms, grocery store lines, and in the vehicle.

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