Assignment 3 - Applications

5 Personal Applications

World Countries - I love this app for personal and educational purposes. It is like a giant encyclopedia about the countries of the world. It contains a Factbook; Rankings; Country, Continent, and a World Maps; Flags; Flash Cards; and my favorite feature - Map Quizzes! My husband and I have "Map Challenges." Obviously a great asset to my Physical Geography class as well!

Pandora - Pandora is an internet radio application. Pandora allows you to create personalized "radio stations by selecting your song or artist of choice. It then builds the "radio station" based on your song and artist preference.

Facebook - Great to stay in touch with my friends and family! And it seems so much quicker than pulling it up on my computer!

Soduko - This is one of my favorite "mind games." I love that you can pick different levels.

allrecipes - There are many great features on this app. Pick a recipe based on the ingredients in your cupboard, or choose one that will only take 25 minutes. I think this will become one of my favorites.

5 Educational Applications

TriviaGenius - This has been a great filler in my classroom! My history students love trivia. This app allows me to select the category - books, celebrities, food, geography, history, inventions, medical, music, nature, war, or world - or shake for random trivia.

Flashcard Touch - Great for vocabulary, people, concept reviews. You can create your own set of flashcards, or use other sets created by people through

Your Rights - This app tells you about your basic rights. It includes information on the constitution and amendments. It also provides brief descriptions about important court cases in history. "Your Rights" also has a very user-friendly question and answer section to address the rights you have when you are stopped, questioned, arrested, or searched by the police. Very informative...especially to high school students!

WorldView - This app uses the thousands of webcams that are taking pictures all over the world. These pictures include places, streets, landscapes and just about anything. You can search for a specific place, and shake your itouch to get random views.

Presidents - This app gives factual information about the presidents. The deck of cards is in order of the presidents. You can select if you want their names to appear with the card or on touch. This app also allows you to quiz yourself! Good luck! I can definately use this as a study aid my classroom, maybe as a station in a review circuit.

History Lite - This application is great for This Day in History. My colleagues and I use "This Day in History" as a starter in our history classes. This application is a quick look-up and had a lot of interesting little tid-bits.