In the first couple of weeks of owning the iPod, I used it immediately for a number of activities and as a quick resource in my classroom. At home I found some useful apps for trivia, mapping, and history. However, I was frustrated when I got to school and was not able to access many. I do believe in the near future my room will have wireless internet and I am hoping I will be able to access these apps more often! I have also used the voice memo several times, and can definitely see myself using it more in the future. My students did radio news broadcasts, I recorded assignment directions and posted them to my wiki, and have even recorded some lectures for students who were absent. I also use stations quite a bit, and the iPod would be a great addition to the rotation.

Personally, my iTouch has become my right hand! I use my iPod to manage my email, bank accounts, grocery lists, and calendar. It stores my photos, music, and several podcasts. It is where I keep up with the news and current events. My favorite use of my iPod would have to be the Facebook app! I love staying in touch with friends and family. My kids play education apps, and I even catch my husband using it for the news and games as well! I have gotten so used to managing our life with the iPod that I would be lost without it!